My Corner of the World

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Starting over again

This blog was born January 8 of this year, so it's hard to believe the need came to kill it so it could come back to life when it had barely even lived.

But that is what I did.

I just permanently deleted some 100 posts here dating back the last 10-11 months. Chances are you never read them. Nobody did. That was ok with me. This blog was created as more of a personal release than anything else.

I feel it is time to create some traffic here. How? I'll mention it on my radio show. I'll leave a link in my signature when I post on various messageboards. If you like what you read here, email the link to your friends. Or create a link for me on your website.

The direction of this blog is still undetermined. It will likely be full of what I read while doing show prep. Of course, I will likely stray outside the line of sports, too.

The hardest part will be updates so you will come back often to read. My 19-month-old daughter keeps my hands full each morning & my work on the afternoon radio show must come first.

So let's see how this goes. If I don't like the direction in 3-4 months, one click of the mouse will blow it up again.

Wow, such power.

See you on the radio.