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Monday, January 15, 2007

- "24" is back & last night's season premiere kept me up past my bedtime. I got a late start because I was stuck on the Pats comeback against the Chargers. Also, if you would rather not see a spoiler regarding the show, I suggest you stay away from the Drudge Report.

- Speaking of the Pats, how 'bout former Tiger Stephen Gostkowski kicking what would be the game-winning field goal. We knew watching him here in Memphis this kid would win big games one day in the NFL. Little did we know it would come in his ROOKIE season!

- Customer service is dying in some businesses out there. If you are on the front-lines out there in retail, you would be amazed at how something as simple as thank you can affect your business. One of my tricks is I will not conduct business whether it be ordering a burger or paying for a newspaper unless the clerk greets me. I am getting cranky in my old age.

- From a Swedish newspaper: A 20-year-old Swedish man could face up to five years in prison for stealing condoms while holidaying on the Thai island of Phuket.

"I was drunk and needed condoms," the man told Expresssen.

His new acquaintance agreed to wait at the bar while he left to take care of business. But when he got to a nearby 7-Eleven he was in such a rush that he neglected to go to the counter. Instead he stuffed the condoms, a toothbrush and some throat lozenges into his pocket and took off out the door.

"He could get five years in prison," police sergeant Adis Adisakyakam told Expressen.

- Slap Hillary is fun game to pass the time.


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